Children of the Wild Ones
I like just about anything within reason.
Mostly Writing, history, gaming, and everything from peashooters to ICBM's. I have a masters in procrastination and mental incapacity, and a cat named Panzer.

Playing ACR, minding my own, until a wild Scot appears

Simon: Why dae ye play this?
Me: What do you mean?
Simon: Yer playin' on tha wrong side. Well, fah ye.
Me: Are you drunk? Simon, what are you talking about?
Simon: Ye obviously dun't know tha Sandilands, which is a shame. E'eryone knows about James Sandilands an' tha Torphichen... oi, ye didn't bloody know? Yer family's Knights, head a' tha Templars in Scotland.
Me: You're fuckin' making shit up
Simon: Go search it, bring yer laptop in here
(guys... he's not fucking around. WTF IS THIS SHIT?! Thanks James Sandilands, 1st Lord Torphichen)