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Anyone else see the freaky coincidence in this?

So, as we’re standing in the massive Black Friday lines for Lud and Snapper as they go shopping, Simon and I start chatting it up. Remember now, we’re in the middle of Walmart, in little ol’ Tucker, nothing special, nothing “rómánsúil” or “impressionnant” about it. And, being Thanksgiving, Simon asks why I didn’t spend it with my family. Which led us down the yellow brick road.

Ok, so my mom’s maiden name is Sandlin, and I knew they were Scottish. But when I mentioned that to him to look on his face nearly sent me into a panic. Sandlin comes from Sandilands, which, unknown to me, is kinda a big Clan. So, in other words I belong to Clan Sandilands of Clydesdale, sept of Clan Douglas, and apparently that’s royalty.

ok, ok, what the fuck, stop the film, hold up! No. Ha. no-no, I am Dutchess No-one from the lands of Who-gives-a-fuck, married to Duke of Forever-alone, not some distant kin to Scot royalty.

But we haven’t got to the freaky part yet!

Simon is a McCrimmon. That’s been stated before. McCrimmon (or MacCruimein) from the MacCrimmon’s (but hell if you get ‘em confused) are known as the lineage of flawless pipers in Scotland for the chiefs of Clan MacLeod, which have two main branches of Harris and Dunvegan and then Lewis, pretty much royalty of the isle of Skye, meaning somewhere along the grapevine Clan A and Clan B met. He went through a lot of Clan Mc-this and sept clan of Mac-that but pretty much came down to it that our families had more ties than we thought. And don’t even get me started on the WW2 and Australian part!

Not saying we’re distant cousins or blood related, but our families have been good friends through the ages -at least on my mom’s side. And here we are, just by chance, met at a technical college on a whim we spoke to one another and he was gracious enough to put up with me. I mean, if that doesn’t R Lee Ermey scream FATE in your face, I don’t know what fuckin’ does.

Just thought I’d share my Black Friday Genealogy lesson….